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Dear Reader,

Even now, after the past 18 roller coaster stock market months there is some serious money to be made – if you know the right people. I’m writing to you today to make you a very special offer. To invite you to start receiving some of the most powerful share tips being whispered in the stock market – and to discover why you don’t need loads of money to make money.
I’m going to show you how a R10,000 investment could turn into R1.34 million... How one single share purchase could make you thousands... And why you’ve got to start believing that all these things can happen to you!

Here’s how a 28c share could have made you R1,488,750…Plus my personal promise to help you hit the next jackpot!

Nobody in life gets rich through doing the ordinary.

A 9-5 job, a bond, a pension, a few unit trusts and an endowment perhaps. Let’s face it, it’s not going to cut the mustard. But let me tell you about something that could:
And I’d like you to notice that little word ‘could’ there. You see, I’m not going to promise to make you a millionaire. That would be going just a little bit too far. What I am going to promise, however, is to have a damn good try at it!
You see, there are two basic thrusts to the tips I want to send you. On an ongoing basis I aim to send you a constant supply of hot tip-offs that could make you a few thousand here, a few thousand there. If you build up your profits steadily, reinvesting some of your profits as I show you later, you should one day be looking at a considerable amount of money.
But there’s also another, very special kind of share I’m looking for. You see, always in the background I’m looking for THE REALLY BIG ONE. A tiny company that will one day become a world-shaking power – like Shell, Coca Cola, McDonalds or Microsoft. A company that could make us an absolute fortune – in one easy stroke.
Here are a few examples to show you what I mean:
R15,000 invested in Finbond at its bottom in 2012 when the selling price was 11c, could have made you R709,090 by April 2015. And if you had put R15,000 intoAdaptIT in 2000 when its shares were just 15c, you would have made an excellent R1,425,000 by November 2015. A R15,000 investment in Pinnacle Technology in 2002 when itwas selling for just 8c could have made you a stunning R5,060,625  by August 2003 when it sold for R26,99. Yes, investing in these three companies when they were in penny share territory would have netted you more than R7.19 million.
And this is the kind of BIG PROFIT company I’m aiming to find for you – with the help of my contacts in the stock market, my hours of hard work and my unique POWA! Penny Share Selection System. Every month I’m going to send you 2 exciting new share tips. Most of them should make us some very handsome profits. But that’s the bare minimum. You see, I just KNOW that lurking in there somewhere will be that one company that’s going to make you a FORTUNE. And on that day, my friend, we’re all going to becelebrating
Let me give you one more example to really whet your appetite:
Right now, Microsoft computer programs are in every other home throughout the Western world. Microsoft doesn’t just shake the world, it rules it. But once upon a time this mighty company was just a tiny fledgling, a few clever men in a back room office with a big idea.
If you’d invested just R5,000 in Microsoft before most people had heard of it (sure, I know it’s America but heck, what does geography mean in this day and age) and sold it at its peak you’d now be looking at an incredible R1.299 million!
The rule is simple. If you want to make the BIG MONEY, you’ve got to get in early – before the company actually hits the big time, before everyone else cottons on to what a roaring success they’re on the brink of becoming. And that’s the kind of company I want to help you start investing in.
My research and contacts in tech, mining and financial services industries and in stock broking offices around SA can AND WILL help you make this kind of money. Every day I speak to CEOs of listed companies. And every day I have access to ‘insider’ knowledge that can help me in my search for the real winners.
But the examples I’ve given you so far are old news. That’s not why I’m writing to you. I’m writing to tell you about dozens of similar opportunities that could come up at any moment. You see, this invitation I’m making to you is not just about money. Sure, money is part of it and who doesn’t want to be wealthy? But it’s also about EXCITEMENT. The thrill of receiving ‘live’ share tips. The buzz you’ll get when you receive your first R10,000 from your stock broker. The excitement of watching your investment grow from a few thousand rands... to a multiple of thousands!

Today, I want to share with you the dozens of share tips I uncover through my contacts and research. Tips that could put you miles ahead of ordinary investors.

Hi, my name is Francois Joubert.
I’m the chief investment strategist for South Africa’s biggest small cap investment research advisory, Red Hot Penny Shares. I started my career as an engineer cutting my teeth analysing pricing strategies of some on SA’s biggest platinum and gold mines in SA.  At the same time, it taught me a lot about the stock market and it helped me develop the most important skill of all when it comes to picking potentially profitable shares…
Over the last 10 years, I have spent thousands of hours honing my own unique PowA! penny share screening system that today has personally yielded me winners 80% of the time.
My PowA! penny share system has delivered gains like 98% on Silverbridge, 38.67% on Santova, 54.76% on Insimbi and a fantastic 129.81% on Conduit Capital. And all of these gains in the last 18 months!
My only goal is to deliver my readers results because that’s the only way I stay in business, and so only the very best share picks get by me and into my reader’s inbox.
Every month I filter 10 to 15 company tip offs and rumours. A few of them are duds. Most of them are passable. But one or two are DYNAMITE. In fact, there are five amazing early tip offs that I'd like to send to you immediately. Here's my favourite:

Best tip-off yet: This little gold miner is reshaping the Highveld skyline and stands to generate massive profits for savvy investors

There are two things happening right now that promise to take this little miner’s share price supernova…
  1. The R50,000 kg rise in the gold price
  2. It’s smart re-mining of the long-forgotten mine dumps that litter the Jo’burg skyline
On 25 March 2017, the gold price in rand was at R499,000/kg. By 19 April 2017 it hit R550,000/kg. That’s more than a R50,000/kg increase in the gold price.
Just that movement in the gold price could add R325 million to its bottom-line.  And smart investors who get in now, could enjoy a 100% increase in its dividend pay-out just because of this price hike.
But it’s not just the rising gold price that makes this little company so exciting, it’s the remining of the old dumps that’s redefining this business’ future.

You see, it’s also this mega project that’s starting construction soon that will generate 32% a year alone and boost its share price by 50% in the next 12 months. 

Now, as I said at the beginning of this letter, I’ve put together a special report  - The Five Hottest Shares to Start your Million Rand Portfolio and it includes in-depth profiles on ALL the stocks I want to tell you about today… Including this little gem.
Inside, you’ll find all my detailed research. I’ll give you reasons why I think each of the companies I want to tell you about could be positioned for big profits… A breakdown of how I arrived at each percentage forecast… And crucially, I’ll tell you how you can access their names and ticker symbols so you can invest in them immediately.
I’ll send you full details of this company – as well as four others just like it in my exclusive Hottest Shares to start your Million Rand Portfolio report – I’ll tell you how you can access it in a moment.
"I have made about R35,000 over the past year all on Red Hot recommendations"

Because this is just the beginning...

You see, as I told you earlier, my contacts in the medical, high-tech and financial service industries just love to tell me about all the latest breakthroughs and developments. Breakthrough HIV treatments, anti-ageing pills, computers that can talk to you… They’re all in the pipeline. And when the cat’s out of the bag, I’m going to write to you and tell you about it. If there’s one thing I know every investor is hungry for the BIG ONE. And when I send one of them to you, you’ll really know what it feels like to win the lottery!

Here’s how you could turn R10,000 into R1,346, 198

Hold your breath for a second and take a look at how this simple “doubling action” could make you a millionaire:

1. R10,000 invested in Adapt IT in January 2012 would have turned into R18, 312 just 8 months later after a 83.13% gain.
2. That R18,312 invested in Ansys in December 2012 would have turned into R59,164 after a 223% gain only 10 months later.

A quick 144.9% gain from Santova in 8 months, would've
 then turned your R59,164 into R144,892...


And, if you’d put that into Wescoal, you’d have turned your R144,892 into R226,998 by 31 December 2014.

Following up this move into  Pan Af in August 2015, could have turned your R226,998 into an amazing 258% gain giving you R812,799 - just 11 months later!
6. And finally, a quick play on Jubilee at the end of December 2016 would have seen your R812,799 turn into an incredible R1,346,198 two short months later
Incredible isn’t it? And that’s just six actions that create this incredible growth.
Sure, the examples I’ve given you are particularly good ones and you’d be extremely lucky to make that kind of money! But it does illustrate my point – that it is actually quite possible to make vast sums of money.

Investing in Penny Shares is so exciting and so easy; you can start making money immediately!

Let me tell you a little something about the months you have ahead of you.
You see, I don’t mind admitting that I’m addicted to the buzz I get out of Penny Share investing.
(Remember when I talk about ‘Penny Shares’, I mean shares under R10.) And believe me, it’s not just about money. Sure, having enough to buy whatever you want is a luxury and I know you’d get a real kick out of making your first one hundred thousand (that’s a special moment). But it’s not just about the cars and the houses you can buy. Jewellery. Fancy cigars. Exotic holidays.
For me it’s about the thrill. Nothing makes me happier in life than that moment when I just know I’ve found a winner. There’s nothing to get me out of bed in the morning like the smell of a company that could make an awful lot of money.
And that’s part of what I want to share with you. I want you to know the thrill of looking through the Business Report and discovering that the shares you bought six months ago, have suddenly doubled in value. I want you to feel that rising heartbeat, the slightly sticky palms, the all-over tremor you get when you realise that you’re staring eye to eye with a company that could be a BIG ONE.

The most stable commodity in the world – and the ONLY JSE company to produce it 
The copper price is expected to grow every year, until 2025.
That’s why I like this copper producer, which generates 65% of its income from exports, the majority being recycled copper.

This company is smoking hot thanks to its copper business
On 19 April, figures were released with this company’s revenue up  46%.
Its gross profits are up 54% and earnings before depreciation, tax and interest are up 59%.
What’s more, these figures will be even better in a year’s time.
Thanks to an acquisition, the company goes from making R28 million a year in profits, to R80 million in profits.
All overnight!
In fact, on a per share basis, things look just as good.
Now consider this. When it next reports results, including those of its new copper business, it will be a R3 billion company. Suddenly analysts and fund managers will start taking note, because the company will be much larger but A REAL value for money bargain.
Get ready to bank 82.6%  this time next year.
I’d like to send you full details of this company – as well as four others just like it –in my special report The Five Hottest Shares to start your Million rand Portfolio which I’ll tell you about in a moment

So, if making money from Penny Shares is so easy, how come EVERYONE’s not doing it?
You see, the truth of the matter is that making money out of Penny Shares is actually extremely difficult. After all, why do you think you can buy these shares for less than R10? It’s because in 90% of the cases they simply aren’t worth any more than that. (Which is what makes that 10% that are worth it, so wonderfully profitable.)
Now, if you invest in the Stock Market in general (let’s say in an All Share Index tracker fund for example), you know that in the long run you’re in for some not bad profits – at least compared to what you’d get from a bank.
If you had invested R10,000 in a savings account in a bank 10 years ago, it would have been worth around R14,150. The same R10,000 invested in the stock market, however, would have been worth R31,534!
But that, my friend, is just tiddlywinks. If you had invested R15,000 in the JSE back in 2010, your investment would have been worth R24,495 today... But, if you had invested in Red Hot Penny Shares tips from 2010 and held on to your investment, you would've made R67,714 by now - that's a staggering 350% return on your money.
Over a 6 year period the Red Hot Penny Shares POWA! Portfolio has outperformed the All Share by more than double!

And now here’s the really exciting bit. You see, while the smallest companies on the Stock Market outperform the larger ones it’s only a small handful of those tiny shares that pull up that figure. Let me tell you about this little company.

One of my most successful share tips ever is back on my Radar AND SCREAMING HOT

As I said before I just love smart, innovative small companies. And this little miner is one of them. You see, there’s an opportunity right now to access 3.3 million ounces of platinum – for free.
Yes – Free!?
Best of all, it doesn’t require anyone to dig holes or mine anything.
In fact, this platinum stash is growing at a rate of 17,000 tonnes each month. That means there are years’ worth of platinum just lying there, waiting for someone to scoop it up …
So, with the platinum price currently at $940 and the rand at $13.00 the profit on platinum is massive!
Right now, the share price is 86c. I expect it to reach my target of 156c in the next 12 months. I’m looking to bank a fabulous 81%.

And that’s why I’m sending you this invitation today. That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to discover with your own eyes – just how much money Penny Shares can make for you.
You see, often when I tell people about the magic of Penny Share investing, I don’t think they actually believe me. There seems to be some kind of cynicism among people that makes them unable to believe that something so good can actually be true.
And this is what I want to get across to you. I want you to see that making the kind of money I’m talking about is possible and that investing in Penny Shares really can change your life.
That’s why I’ve chosen YOU to receive a RISK-FREE three-month membership to my personal monthly share-alert letter, – as well as a ridiculously low subscription fee. 

  Join Red Hot Penny Shares Today!

In fact, here’s a better deal still: Take the first three issues with zero risk – with my 3 Month Money-Back Guarantee.
Each month I’ll write to you about the very hottest share tips on the stock market. Then, without actually buying the shares, you can chart their progress yourself and sit back and WATCH those share prices climb.
If you're not 100% satisfied after receiving your first three issues and free gifts, then you can cancel within three months for a REFUND of your subscription. And if, for whatever reason at any time you wish to cancel after the 3 month money-back period, simply write to me and I’ll cancel your subscription. Your free gifts and past issues will be yours to keep!
Sure, I could just tell you about how much money you could make. And I hope that you’d at least try and believe me. But when it really comes down to it – nothing beats actually SEEING the truth for yourself.

I won’t tip a share unless I’m convinced it’s a sure-fire grower

This, my friend, is where the hard work comes in. But the crazy thing is, I love it!
You see, while all those contacts I told you about are brilliant and I have enormous respect for all of them (just in case they’re reading this), a lot of the tip-offs they give me are just rumours. They’re based on a bit of gossip, a single piece of information. And they’re not backed up by thorough analysis.
And I’d like to take this opportunity to offer you a warning: Please be careful about investing in any share tips you read in magazines or newspapers. While you do get some excellent people writing in the share columns a lot of these ‘tipsters’ are just rumour reliant journalists who love to be wined and dined by companies trying to promote favourable press coverage for themselves.

So many times I’ve seen a journalist tip a share on the strength of the same rumours I’ve heard. And sure, on the surface it does look like a good opportunity – until you start digging deeper...

So, what do I do that's different?

Well, the main thing is that I only believe in investing in companies that really have the true ability to grow into successful companies — and I use a stringent series of tests to ensure that every company I research really does have what it takes.
Some of those stock market rumours are started by the company’s own PR company, or by a highly inflated profit prediction they’ve published thanks to some dodgy book-keeping.
Now, I’m not denying that if you get your timing right then you can make a very tidy profit from this kind of tip-off. In fact, with this kind of rumour, a company’s share price can sometimes even double in value in a matter of a day or two.
BUT, because that rise was not based on the company’s true value, the share price could later go DOWN just as easily. And I don’t want you to be taking that kind of risk with your money.
My PowA!  Penny Share Screening System Scientifically Selects the Best Penny Shares… 
The PowA! Penny Share Screening System is a scientific strategy for uncovering the JSE's most explosive shares. I've developed it over many years and now use it exclusively for Red Hot Penny Shares
Here’s how it works…
First my PowA! Penny Share Screening System analyses thousands of shares, looking for proven tell tale signs of a potential penny share profit explosion.
Out of many hundreds of penny shares, my PowA! system locks onto a select few that show tremendous potential for profit.
Next, I painstakingly research each of these shares the PowA! Screening System has highlighted, looking specifically at five crucial factors common to some of the most profitable penny shares in history… 

5 Ways I Scientifically Select Penny Shares…

I put each through this proven, five step screening process…

  • PowA! Play #1: Sales Growth 

    In any business, sales are #1.That’s why I closely watch penny shares that consistently grow their revenue year after year. It’s a tell tale sign of a company on the up… usually share price goes the same way.

    In a FREE report I have for you called — The Hottest Shares to Start your PowA! Portfolio in 2017  — one of the companies scores full marks for sales growth.
  • PowA! Play #2: Profit Fortress

    Examples of a Profit Fortress would be a patent, superior brand or exclusive market access….

    Something that makes the marketplace more competition-free. This makes it easier for a company to make more money.

    And of course that’s great news for shareholders!

    If a company doesn’t hold a Profit Fortress, then it’s got to be pretty darn impressive in other areas before it gets by me.

  • PowA! Play #3: Profit Catapult

    When I was researching Adapt IT (JSE: ADI) I instantly recognized that the company’s acquisitions strategy would add major profits to its bottom line.

    Soon after I first tipped the share the company announced its first acquisition – adding profits to its bottom line immediately.

    Red Hot Penny Shares readers who bought Adapt IT when it was first recommended were sitting on a very tidy 207% gain in less than a year.

    This is just one example of amazing gains we've delivered readers.

  • PowA! Play #4: Business Shock Factor

    When I’m assessing the business shock factor of a company, I’m looking for innovations or products that can shake up an entire industry…

    Like how the Ford Model T turned the motor-industry on its head.

    Or how the iPod transformed the MP3 player market.

    Companies that have fresh, new ideas that appeal to a market are bound to see the sales curve go only one way — UP!

    Usually, the same thing happens to shareholders' profits.
  • PowA! Play #5: Black Cloud Factor
    A “black cloud” might be a lawsuit, regulatory issue, or even just bad press… something that can temporarily hold back share price.

    But when the Black Clouds clear, share price rockets right back up!

    Let’s look at the Wescoal controversy. The company was made an acquisition offer by an international consortium. Then suddenly the deal was off the table and the CEO quit.

    Wescoal's share price crashed from 200c at end March 2015 to 73c by January 2016.
    Many investors bought that share, because despite its problems Wescoal is still an important player in the coal mining market.
    Then, at the end of January 2016, Wescoal announced that a new mine it had built is producing coal. It's CEO issues were being sorted out and it would do an influential BBBEE deal.

    As the black cloud cleared the share price shot up, hitting 260c for a 256% return by October 2016!
    After I filter shares through these five crucial steps, I’m left with the very best, the top of the pile penny shares!
That’s what I then share with my readers.
But how effective is the PowA! Penny Share Screening System at picking winning penny shares?
See for yourself…

Bringing in gains!

“As a member of Red Hot Penny Shares I followed your advice on purchasing gold and made about 30% in 6 months!"

 - S Wright, JHB 
30% in 3 Months!

“I'm delighted with the advice and information I receive from Red Hot Penny Shares which grew my portfolio by 30% in 3 months. The information you provide on shares is accurate and well researched."
 - Adam, Cape Town
Smiling all the way to the bank!

“As a Red Hot Penny Share subscriber I would like to share a wonderful story. My first share was Pinnacle which I bought last year, the share soared up and in 9 months I made 67% profit. Your system really works. Viva RHPS team. Keep up the good work!"
 - S L Radebe, Jo'burg
I hope you’ll write me a letter like this soon.
In fact, I’ve used my PowA! Strategy to lock onto five promising new recommendations.
They’re all yours FREE just for signing up to Red Hot Penny Shares today.

  Join Red Hot Penny Shares Today!

Your Red Hot Penny Shares introduction kit will turn you into a bona fide share expert – and you can claim it RISK-FREE!

Red Hot Penny Shares is a project I’m very proud of and I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to receive this RISK-FREE Membership.
Penny Share investing is an absolute passion and nothing makes me happier than sharing that with you. Call it a hobby. Call it madness. Call it one big ego trip. It’s just that giving people share tips is what makes me tick in life. I just love the thrill of striking gold, passing the discovery onto friends, then watching the share tip soar.

"My portfolio, based almost entirely on Red Hot Penny Shares recommendations, is still in the money and keeping ahead of SA inflation! Well done, and please keep up the stimulating editorials and excellent publication quality."

Peter Chadwick, Zimbabwe

Perhaps it’s all to do with power? Or maybe it’s a case of ‘I told you so’? To be honest - do you care? If it means that you get wealthy, then I know you won’t be complaining.

So how much is this going to cost you?

As you’ve probably already discovered, the official full subscription fee for this unique new service is actually being offered at the very reasonable price of just R106 per month.
A very reasonable price indeed when you consider that the investment industry probably takes an even greater slice of your money (through various charges, running costs, advertising costs taken out of the profit of the overall fund to name but a few) every time you invest in one of their little unit trusts, pensions or endowments that almost seem designed to help them make money out of you - rather than to help you get wealthy like I will.
Enjoy our 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – and receive a 35% discounted rate for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
Because you’re NEVER going to have to pay the full R106 subscription. What’s more, the free welcome package described below is worth R1,551 alone! And you can claim it TODAY and take advantage of the No-RISK Money-Back Guarantee.
And that’s just the start! By replying today to our exclusive New Subscriber offer, you can claim your annual subscription of just R828. That's just R69 per month - And a35% saving for life.
So why do I want to send you so much for free – and with such a heavily discounted subscription? Well, as I think I said earlier, I want to make sure you’re the right kind of person to join me. And to do that I’ve got to send you a very good REAL LIFE, IN ACTION taster of what I have planned for you.

  Join Red Hot Penny Shares Today!

Here’s what you’ll get in your RISK-FREE Subscription Package:

  • Red Hot Penny Shares monthly issues. Even if you are not ready to invest yet, you can “paper trade these shares at no risk and find out for yourself if my recommendations really do produce massive gains.
  • The Hottest Shares to Start Your Million Rand Portfolio. Wonder shares can double in a matter of months or less. How? There’s something explosive about their businesses that can lead to some sudden extraordinary breakthrough that can spell immense profits practically overnight. The share shoots up, often multiplying the wealth of its owner many, many times. What kind of companies are these? Their products could go through the roof – and their shares!
    This report holds the full details of these extra-special share opportunities I’ve unearthed. I’m talking about companies that come along once every blue moon that get tipsters like me hot under the collar. You will be too, once you set your eyes on the gems lined up for you. This portfolio is valued at R1,000 – peanuts when you consider that I’m expecting it to bring you profits of at least 100%.
  • The Investor's Toolkit. Buying and selling shares is a hugely exciting activity, but one that seems to be highly misunderstood by the public in general. While it’s much easier than you’d ever imagined, trading in shares seems to have the image of high-flying traders best portrayed in Hollywood-style movies. Consequently, a lot of people shy away from taking the plunge into starting a share portfolio, because they find it a little frightening and even intimidating. They also fear that it’s complicated, or they worry that there’s something that they’re not aware of. However, the reality is that it’s actually very simple and there’s very little to it, as you’ll see with this essential and extremely handy guide.
    This booklet is designed as a step-by-step guide for new stock market investors. It will arm you with all the information you need to make your first investments quickly and easily.
  • How To Make Big Money In The Exciting World Of Penny Shares. Any fool can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple rules and taking advice from the right quarters, you can make SERIOUS amounts of money. The aim of this booklet is to guide you towards those serious rewards. Remember that there is a significant difference between a gambling-type share purchase and creating wealth over time through proper share selection.
    This manual – available only to our readers – will quickly give you a grasp on the essential tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, free cash flow, and more. Plus, it reveals many of the secrets behind our highly profitable share trading system.
  • FREE Weekly Email Alert Service. This is your guarantee that you won’t miss a single thing. Your Alerts bring you the latest updates on current share selections, up-to-the-minute analysis on emerging shares, the latest and best penny shares that can return enormous gains faster than you ever imagined – everything you need to know to quickly act on to make money immediately.
  • FREE Email Subscription to MoneyMorning. Your FREE MoneyMorning online advisory will help you beat the markets and stay on the path to financial independence. Daily, our experts uncover hidden market indicators, time-tested investing techniques and current emerging trends. You get action-oriented, reliable advice that will make you a smarter investor – fast.
  • FREE ACCESS to Our Extraordinary Members-Only Website. You’ll discover an archive of past issues,company updates, our entire PowA! Portfolio, research e-reports that only we can create – and much, much more. We’ll send you your log on details as soon as you join.
  • FREE SMS Service. Too busy to go online. To impatient to wait for the hard copy. This free SMS will alert you of new share tips right away! You won’t miss a thing.
  • The Best Brokers on the Market! Your average broker doesn’t have a clue how to properly buy penny shares. Remember, brokers would rather have you buy high-priced shares so they pocket bigger commissions. That’s nonsense! We’ve located brokers who do an excellent job – and they do it cheaply.

Now that I’ve sat down and written it all up it does seem like an awful lot to be giving away as a risk-free membership offer. My only worry is that you might even be thinking that it’s just a little too good to be true and that there must be a catch in there. But let me assure you that there is no catch.
I’m adamant that you receive every single gift on that list and that you at least be given the chance to discover what this kind of investing can do for you.
You’ve a limited time to spend in this life and I’m of the opinion that you should make the most of it.
Why settle for just getting by on your monthly salary, unit trusts and pensions when you could have the chance to take part in a totally different ball game?

When you could have the chance to enjoy the exciting world of penny share investing and enjoy all the limitless wealth that you could stand to make from it.
And that, my friend, is the message I’m going to leave you with.
Here's to unleashing real value, 

Francois Joubert

Chief Investment Strategist, Red Hot Penny Shares

PS. A small number of people are about to make a large amount of money on the stock market. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?
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